As a person I strive to elevate beauty within every part of designing an object. For me pure beauty is in existence of a purpose. The finest a design can get is when the social, ecological, and esthetical aspects of it are equal. Because of this, a design is never purposeless and has a value that is as beautiful as it’s appearance.

In search for the artistic values of design, I create. I’m amazed by the smallest things and get inspired by people, places and shiny objects. I have a strong will and see all possibilities in life as a way to develop myself, aiming for a new goal. I love to use my capacities as a designer to elevate creative projects in an aesthetic and cinematic way through interaction with people. Because of my previous study which was photography, I still hold a big interest in this artform and am convinced that the way an object is portrayed creates value to it’s story.

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Pictures and video’s are made by Guinness Frateur